XC Medico® Spinal Implant Anterior Cervical Plate System

Short Description:

The ACP is used in the anterior cervical spine (C2-T2) for the internal fixation in the treatment of instabilities associated with:

• fractures/dislocations

• degenerative diseases

• tumours

• partial or total spondylectomy

Product Detail

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1.Material: Titanium;


Plate I: locking type;

Plate II: Self-locking type.


Plate: Usually black or grey, but can be customized.

Screw: Usually yellow or blue, but can be customized.

4.The surface treatment: oxidized, has longer service life.

5.Can be bent to adapt to different curvature of human cervical spine.

6.Can be used with the cervical cages for surgery.

7.The instrument sets for two series are different. But with three additional single instruments, the set can be suitable for both types.

Two kinds:

There are two series of anterior cervical system, and the plates and screws of each series are matched.

• Series I:

The plate is locking type. After the plate and screws of suitable size are inserted, to fix the screws in the right position, doctors just need to rotate the locking tab 90°.

• Series II:

Self-locking type plate. There is a spring leaf on the side of the locking hole. Once the screw is inserted into the appropriate position, it can be automatically locked.


Product Name


Series I

Plate I

4 Holes * 25mm / 27mm/ 30mm/ 32mm

6 Holes * 35mm/ 38mm/ 41mm/ 44mm/ 47mm

8 Holes * 50mm/ 53mm/ 57mm/ 60mm/ 63mm/ 66mm/ 69mm

10 Holes * 72mm/ 75mm/ 78mm/ 81mm

Screw I

Φ4 * 13mm/ 14mm/ 15mm/ 16mm

Φ4.5 * 13mm/ 14mm/ 15mm/ 16mm

Series II

Plate II

4 Holes * 22.5mm/ 25mm/ 27.5mm/ 30mm/ 32.5mm/ 35mm

6 Holes * 37.5mm/ 40mm/ 43mm/ 46mm

8 Holes * 51mm/ 56mm/ 61mm/ 66mm/ 71mm/76mm/81mm

Screw II

Φ4 * 11mm/ 13mm/ 15mm/ 17mm/ 19mm


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