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XC Medico

At XC Medico, we firmly believe that health is the most precious asset of humanity, and orthopedic surgery is a crucial step in reshaping health.

Our brand was born from the shared vision of a medical practitioner and hospital manager, aiming to provide excellent products and solutions for the orthopedic medical field and improve the quality of life of patients.  To support medical professionals in achieving excellent results in orthopedic surgeries through technological innovation and excellent quality, while bringing better health to patients is our mission.

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Starting from a person with great love

XC Medico was founded in 2007 by the founder of the hospital, Mr. Rong.

Mr. Rong is well aware of the critical needs during the surgical process and has decided to utilize his professional knowledge in the medical field to provide high-quality orthopedic surgical products for doctors and patients.

After years of effort and innovation, XC Medico has gradually grown and gained respect and recognition within the industry.

Mission & Value

XC Medico

Innovation Pursuit: We uphold the spirit of continuous innovation and continuously promote the technological development in the field of orthopedic medicine to meet the growing medical needs.

Professional Spirit: Our team consists of medical experts, engineers, and industry professionals to ensure that our products meet the highest standards in terms of quality and performance.

Patient Care: We always prioritize the health and well-being of patients and strive to provide doctors with tools to help them provide better treatment plans for patients.

Win-win Cooperation: We work closely with our medical partners to pursue a win-win situation. We believe that through cooperation, we can achieve greater impact and value.

Sustainable Development: We are committed to promoting sustainable development in the field of orthopedic medicine, not only advancing in technological innovation, but also focusing on environmental protection and social responsibility.