XC-- Orthopaedic specialist

With the medical background of the founder's family, XC has rapidly grown into a Chinese orthopaedic specialist enterprise in the past 17 years.

At present, our main products are: Spine system, Intramedullary nail system, Bone plate system, we can provide suitable and professional solutions for almost all kinds of orthopedic diseases, such as fractures, degeneration, tumors and so on.

Our strongest system-- spine system. From cervical, thoracolumbar to sacroiliac vertebra, we can suggest corresponding solutions and applicable products for any lesion, and can provide text, pictures or video versions of instructions for use according to the product, even send relevant experts to instruct how to perform surgery when needed.

when needed

One of our clients, his cooperative hospital has never treated with 5.5mm spinal fixation system and has always used 6.0mm system. But the 5.5 system has a lower profile, and our dual thread design makes the pedicle screw less prone to detachment. Therefore, we recommended the use of the 5.5 system, and explained the specific process of the operation through video explanations. The operation was successfully completed, and the patient's prognosis was good after the operation.

XC--Professional international trading company: customs clearance problems


Are you worried about customs clearance due to lack of import experience or strict import and export regulations?

Do not worry. XC Medico has not caused any losses to customers due to customs clearance since its establishment. First of all, we can recommend agents for you, and secondly, we can coordinate and help solve customs clearance problems.

One of our old clients, who have placed many orders before, and there was not any problem with customs clearance. However, when the third parcel arrived, the customs clearance encountered a big problem and the goods will be destroyed or returned.

This will be a very big loss for both of us. At this time, the customer was panicking, and I was also at a loss, but I only knew that I had to help the customer solve this problem.

On the one hand, I want to stabilize the emotions of the customer, and on the other hand, I have to quickly find a way to solve it.I checked with the express agent,and many many shipping agent,most of them can not help,but luckily I found an agent who can help us clear the goods. We communicated the situation quickly and arranged for it to be dealt with immediately without a minute's delay,finally it succeed solved.



This experience gives us more confidence in the customs clearance of subsequent orders. Firstly we can avoid this problem occurring to others to a certain extent. Secondly, even if our customers meet clearance problems, we are not afraid and can help customers solve problems with confidence.

Customize Solution

When a standard instrument or solution cannot meet your specifications, our engineers have the technical expertise and application experience to work with you to develop a custom solution.

1.Logo customization
We can custom logo as our client’s requirement, just need to send logo by AI or PDF File, then our professional design team can design it accordingly.

2.Customize Implants Combined box
A standard box can’t load a variety of implants properly, then we can custom combined box as the specification of Implants.

3.The Combined Customization of Implants and instruments
It is great innovation to combine implants and instruments in one container box, it provides great convenience for the Surgery.

XC Medico® Instruments takes great satisfaction in providing customers with a broad range of custom application-specific solutions. Our business model is based on a “high-mix/low-volume” strategy and we have organized our engineering resources to support this strategy and our customers.

First-time design solutions require close interaction between XC Medico® design engineering team and our customer’s engineering team. Proprietary sensors solutions require a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) between XC Medico® Instruments and our customer.