XC Medico® Tibia Nail System

Short Description:

XC Medico® Intramedullary Nail System, also known as XC Medico® Interlocking Nail System, is used as internal fixation to treat fractures of long bones of the body–humerus, tibia and femur by inserting into the medullary cavity of a bone. With more stability and hardness, but smaller wound surface.

Product Detail

Product Tags

·Tibial diaphyseal fractures
·Tibial metaphysis fractures
·Certain intra-articular fractures of tibia plateau


Features & Benefits:
1.Material: Titanium alloy (TC4) or Medical Stainless Steel (317L) for choose.
2.Universal design: For the left or right bone.
3.Cross Section: Round.
4.Anatomic nail design: Based on the bone canal to reduce the harm to patients.
5.Each nail with 4 free locking screws: full-thread locking screws ( diameter from Ф3.5 mm to Ф4.5 mm, length from 20mm to 90mm are available for selection)
6.Multiple specifications: To accommodate individual patient anatomy.

Intra-Operative Compression:
·Oblong hole in the coronal plane enable intra-operative compression or post-operative compression.


Distal Targeting Device:
·Adjustable radiolucent targeting arm
·Lever-compression targeting arm


Locking Screw:
·large core diameter increase bending and shear strength

End Cap:
·Suitable end cap to match the screws and nails.


Instrument Set

Name QTY Name QTY Name QTY
Universal Joint 1 Drill Sleeve 4 Quick Coupling T-Handle 1
Fixed Connector 1 Location Rod 1 Screwdriver 1
Drill Bit 2 Depth Gauge 1 Drill Bit Limited 1
Guide Rod 1 Reamer 4 Guide Wire 1
Distal Guider 1 Proximal Guider 1 Location Forceps 1
AWL 1 Hex Wrench 2 Hammer 1
Sighting Device Handle 1 Bolt 3 Nail Connector Solid 1
Nail Connector Cannulated 1 Open Wrench 1 Aluminium Box 1


Diameter: 8-11mm

Length: 240-380mm

Locking Screws:

Diameter: 4.5mm.

Length: 30-90mm

Orthopedic Implants Certificates

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