Interfuse Interspinous Fixation System

- Ideal for the Treatment of Mild to Moderate Lumbar Degenerative Diseases

Interfuse Interspinous Fixation System1


The interspinous process is fused and fixed, and the posterior column of the spine is stabilized and fixed. It is equivalent to traditional laminar fusion fixation, and also semi-rigid fusion fixation, which is different from elastic non-fusion fixation.

Adapt to symptoms

1. Degenerative disease of the thoracolumbar spine.

2. Mild to moderate disc herniation

3. Mild to moderate spinal stenosis


1. Minimally invasive implantation

2. Semi-rigid posterior column fusion fixation

3. It can be used as an auxiliary fixation of the posterior column for laminar decompression, partial or total resection of the facet joint.

4. Best alternative to pedicle screw fixation

5. Possibilities for revision surgery


Interfuse Interspinous Fixation System2

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