New Products–5.5mm System Spinal Pedicle Screw, PEEK Cages and Distal Radius Locking Plates

New Products Arrival! Recently, we have new products coming out: double thread 5.5mm spinal pedicle screw, Cervical PEEK Cages, TLIF PEEK Cages and Distal Radius Locking Plates.

5.5mm spinal pedicle screws, like the 6.0mm screws, have 4 types: monoaxial screw, monoaxial reduction screw, polyaxial screw and polyaxial reduction screw to meet different needs in surgery. And all of our 5.5mm system are double threaded screws, for cortical and cancellous bone. Besides, the actual screws are color, different colors indicating different diameters, which helps doctors pick the right screw up during the operation.

The new design cervical PEEK cage & TLIF PEEK cage:


Our new design cervical PEEK cages have large graft window for max. graft volume, radiographic markers providing visual feedback for proper placement and more anatomic design.

Our new TLIF PEEK cage offers a large contact area to optimize vertebral body support and minimize risk of subsidence; with large graft window allows for maximum biological coverage area for fusion; and its unique tooth pattern geometry may provide stability and minimize the potential for expulsion.

Various Angle Multi-axial Distal Radius Plam Locking Plate:

Anatomic shape fits close to the volar ridge with rounded edges to minimize soft tissue irritation;

Kirschner wire holes for preliminary plate fixation;

Elongated LCP Combi hole for plate positioning and radius length adjustment;

Two columns allow independent fine contouring of the radial and intermediate columns;

Specific screw holes for fixation of fine radial styloid and support of lunate facet and distal radioulnar joint;

LCP Combi holes allow fixed-angle locking screw fixation with angular stability in the threaded section, or compression with cortex screws in the nonthreaded section.

Post time: Apr-27-2021