XC Medico® Spinal Implant PEEK Fusion Cage System TLIF PLIF Cervical Cages

Short Description:

The material of XC Medico® PEEK Cages is biocompatible radiolucent polymer–PEEK (Polyetheretherketone), which allows clear assessment of bone fusion.

In this system, there are cervical PEEK cage, PLIF PEEK cage and TLIF PEEK cage.

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Cervical PEEK Cage:

The XC Medico® Cervical PEEK Cages is designed to meet different demands of anterior cervical interbody fusion procedures. The implant has a large central canal and there are multiple heights to suit various patient anatomies.


Anatomic shapes :Multiple implant variations, to suit individual anatomical conditions.

Lateral windows:Lateral windows of the cage, to allow for fusion.

Large central canal :The canal, to allow fusion to occur through the implant.

Pyramidal teeth :The teeth provide resistance to implant migration.

Indications :

• Degenerative disc diseases and instabilities

• Ruptured and herniated discs

• Pseudarthrosis or failed spondylodesis



Radiolucent : Two radiographic marker pins, to allow for visualization of the implant.

Anatomic shape : The implant has convex surfaces, to resemble patient anatomy.

Multiple specifications: Multiple specifications are offered, to accommodate individual patient anatomy.

Axial canal : receives filling material, to allow fusion to occur through the cage.

Pyramidal teeth : are designed to provide resistance to implant migration.


Pyramidal teeth : To provide resistance to implant migration.

Rails on the surface : To guide and turn the implant into the right position.

Self-distracting nose : Allows for easy insertion

Radiographic marker pins : allow visualization of the anterior and tip position.

Axial window : to allow fusion to occur through the cage.



lumbar pathologies:

• Degenerative disc diseases and spinal instabilities

• Revision procedures for post-discectomy syndrome

• Pseudarthrosis or failed spondylodesis

• Degenerative spondylolisthesis

• Isthmic spondylolisthesis

Product Name Specification
Cervical Peek Cage 4 mm/ 5 mm/ 6mm/ 7mm/ 8mm/ 9 mm/ 10 mm
Cervical Peek Cage-II 4 mm/ 5 mm/ 6mm/ 7mm/ 8mm
PLIF Peek Cage 8*22*10 mm/ 10*22*10 mm/ 12*22*10 mm/ 14*22*10 mm
8*26*10 mm/ 10*26*10 mm/ 12*26*10 mm/ 14*26*10 mm
8*32*10 mm/ 10*32*10 mm/ 12*32*10 mm/ 14*32*10 mm
TLIF Peek Cage 9 mm/ 11 mm/ 13 mm/ 15 mm
TLIF Peek Cage-II 7*10*28 mm/ 8*10*28 mm/ 9*10*28 mm/ 10*10*28 mm/11*10*28 mm/ 12*10*28 mm/ 13*10*28 mm/ 15*10*28 mm/17*10*28 mm
7*10*30 mm/ 8*10*30 mm/ 9*10*30 mm/ 10*10*30 mm/11*10*30 mm/ 12*10*30 mm/ 13*10*30 mm/ 15*10*30 mm/17*10*30 mm


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