XC Medico® Interlocking Proximal Femoral Intramedullary Nail Antirotation PFNA System

Short Description:

The XC Medico® PFNA System– Proximal Femoral Nail Antirotation System is the intramedullary nail system indicated for the trochanteric fractures, femoral neck fractures, femoral shaft fractures, and osteoporotic fractures in the proximal femur.

This system consists of cannulated interlocking nails, cannulated blades, cannulated end caps, and locking screws. The helical blade screw provides the medial fracture segment good resistance to varus collapse and rotational control and can reduce bone removal. These features make it very suitable for osteoporotic fracture fixation.

Product Detail

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1.Material: Titanium alloy (TC4).

2.Anatomical Design: For the left and right femur bone.

3.Cross Section: Round.

4.Blade Screw: 10.4mm helical blade screw.

5.End Cap: End cap for free, matching the diameter of the nails.

6.Locking Screw: 4.7mm locking screws for standard locking.

7.Anatomical Angle: 6° ML angle.

8.Cannulated Design: Integrated molding cannulated design for reamed or unreamed insertion, and enhance strength and hardness of the nails as well.

9.Dynamic Locking: The locking hole at the distal end allows static or dynamic interlocking.

差异化 pfna
Product Name REF. Specification
PFNA N12 Short Nail Ф9×180 mm/ 240mm
Ф10×180 mm/ 240mm
Ф11×180 mm/ 240mm
Long Nail Ф9×320 mm/ 340mm/ 360mm/ 380mm/ 400mm/ 420mm L
Ф9×320 mm/ 340mm/ 360mm/ 380mm/ 400mm/ 420mm R
Ф10×320 mm/ 340mm/ 360mm/ 380mm/ 400mm/ 420mm L
Ф10×320 mm/ 340mm/ 360mm/ 380mm/ 400mm/ 420mm R
Ф11×320 mm/ 340mm/ 360mm/ 380mm/ 400mm/ 420mm L
Ф11×320 mm/ 340mm/ 360mm/ 380mm/ 400mm/ 420mm R
Blade Screw N13 Ф10.4×75 mm/ 80 mm/ 85 mm/ 90 mm/ 95 mm
Ф10.4×100 mm/ 105 mm/ 110 mm/ 115 mm/ 120 mm
4.7mm Locking Screw N14 Ф4.7*26 mm/ 28 mm
Ф4.7*30 mm/ 32 mm/ 34 mm/ 36 mm/ 38 mm/
Ф4.7*40 mm/ 42 mm/ 44 mm/ 46 mm/ 48 mm/
Ф4.7*50 mm/ 52 mm/ 54 mm/ 56 mm/ 58 mm/
Ф4.7*60 mm/ 64 mm/ 68mm/ 72 mm/ 76 mm/80 mm/ 84mm


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