XC Medico® Orthopedic Spinal Implants Titanium Fusion Cage System

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In XC Medico® Spine Fixation Titanium Cage System, there are mesh cage, expandable cage and lumbar cage.

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Cuttable Mesh Cage

Usage: Vertebral body replacement for the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine.

Material: Pure titanium (TA3).

Insert Way: The mesh cage can be inserted anteriorly, laterally or anterolaterally.

Indications: To replace collapsed, damaged or unstable vertebral bodies due to tumour or trauma.

Specification: Pure titanium implants in various diameters make the surgeon be able to choose the one that is best suited to the patient’s individual pathology and anatomy. The mesh may also be cutted for a custom fit.

Product Name Specification
Mesh Cage 10*100mm

Expandable Cage

Usage: The XC Medico® Expandable Cage is a vertebral body replacement for the cervical and upper thoracic spine and allows smooth, continuous expansion in situ.

Material: Titanium alloy (TC4).

Anatomical reduction: Restoration of normal spinal alignment to improve the biomechanics of the spine.

Stable internal fixation: Stabilize the spinal segment to promote bone fusion.

Specification: The implants with different heights and diameters enable the surgeon to choose the specific configuration suited to the individual pathology and anatomical condition.

Product Name Specification
Expandable Cage 12*20 mm/ 12*28 mm/ 12*35 mm
14*20 mm/ 14*28 mm/ 14*35 mm
16*20 mm/ 16*28 mm/ 16*35 mm
18*20 mm/ 18*28 mm/ 18*35 mm

Lumbar Cage

Usage: The XC Medico® Titanium Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion is designed for lumbar spine.

Material: Titanium alloy (TC4).

Self-distracting design: Bullet nose design allows for ease of insertion and self-distraction.

Anatomic shape: Convex surfaces to suit patient’s anatomy.

Connection cylinder: Allows the pivoting mechanism to combine with the applicator.

Product Name Specification
Lumbar Cage 8*10*20 mm/ 8*10*22 mm/ 8*10*26 mm
10*10*20 mm/ 10*10*22 mm/ 10*10*26 mm
12*10*20 mm/ 12*10*22 mm/ 12*10*26 mm


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