XC Medico® Spinal Implant Posterior Cervical Fixation System

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The XC Medico Posterior Cervical Fixation System is intended to provide stabilization for cervical spine and promote fusion of the occipito- cervical junction. The Posterior Cervical Fixation System includes a complete set of implants designed to enhance fixation to the occiput and cervical spine and ease connection with all XC Medico posterior cervical and spinal rod-screw systems.

The whole system includes: polyaxial pedicle screw, 3.5mm rod, Occipital Plate, Occipital Screws, Crosslink, Laminar Hook, Domino Bolt;

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The Posterior Cervical Fixation System offers several implant options to enhance fixation to the occiput and reduce the implant footprint.


Advantages of two kinds of occipital plates:

• Bead-blasted surface designed to reduce the slippage in the surgery.

• Low plate profile.

• Available to support XC Medico straight, gradient or pre-bent rods.


The XC Medico Occipito-Cervical Fusion System, in combination with a XC Medico spinal screw-rod system, aims to provide stabilization to promote fusion of the cervical spine and occipito-cervical junction (Occiput-Th3) . And with the Domino Bolt or gradient rod, can easily connect with the spinal pedicle screw system.


1.Occipito-cervical and upper cervical spine instabilities: Rheumatoid arthritis; Congenital anomalies; Posttraumatic conditions; Tumors and Infections.

2.Lower cervical and upper thoracic spine instabilities: Posttraumatic conditions; Tumors; Iatrogenic instabilities following laminectomy etc.

3.Degenerative and painful posttraumatic conditions in the lower cervical and upper thoracic spine.

4.Anterior cervical fusions requiring additional posterior stabilization.

Product Name


Polyaxial Pedical Screw

Φ3.5 * 12mm / 14mm/ 16mm/ 18mm/ 20mm/ 22mm/ 24mm/ 26mm/ 28mm/ 30mm

Φ4.0 * 12mm / 14mm/ 16mm/ 18mm/ 20mm/ 22mm/ 24mm/ 26mm/ 28mm/ 30mm


Φ3.5 * 100mm/ 200mm

Occipital Plate

(Triangle Type)

32mm/ 37mm

Occipital Plate

(Straight Type)

4 holes/ 5 holes/ 6 holes


35mm/ 40mm/ 45mm

Laminar Hook


Occipital Screws

Φ4.0 * 10mm/ 12mm/ 14mm/ 16mm

Domino Bolt

3.5*5.5mm/ 3.5*6.0mm


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