XC Medico® Anatomical Titanium Mesh

Short Description:

Thickness: 0.6mm

Material: Pure Titanium

Before operation, CT scan the skull. Thickness should be 2.0mm. Then transmit the date into workstation, make digital Reconstruction with 3D technology, calculate skull shape, simulate the defect and make model of the skull. After that, make individual patch by titanium mesh according to the model. Perform the skull repair operation after getting patients’ approval.

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1.Anatomical Titanium Mesh can perfectly it the skull defect, well restore the anatomical position of defect skull, so far as possible to guarantee the patients good appearance after operation.

2.Anatomical titanium mesh requests no more bend or cut during operation can well attach the skull bone window, fix steady has smooth edge, maintain the integrity. Avoid the damage of strength and stability. Have no tension after operation.

3.Shorten operation time, reduce the pain of patients, and reduce the risk of surgery and postoperative complications.

4.The anatomical titanium mesh can well fit to the skull surface this helps significantly reduce the amount of screws.

2D titanium mesh

·2D titanium mesh possesses good hardness and superior strength. Will not be twist or rebound after bend.

·2D titanium mesh is specially suitable for the relatively simple cranium regions where request high hardness but small curve,such as calvaria, pars frontalis, tempora, occipitalia.

Anatomical 2D square hole titanium mesh


Anatomical 2D round hole titanium mesh


3D titanium mesh

·3D titanium mesh is more applicable to meet the region where has complex curved surface or big curve Suitable for the restoration of various part of skull.

·3D titanium mesh possesses moderate hardness,good extensibility, easy to model. Recommend preoperative or intraoperative modeling.

Anatomical 3D cloud shape titanium mesh


Anatomical 3D flower shape titanium mesh


Titanium Alloy 2.0mm Self-drilling Screws for Skull Restoration System



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