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The XC Medico® distal tibial interlocking plate combine with MIPPO can reduce surgical trauma and significantly shorten the treatment time and postoperative fracture healing time.

The tapered design of the plate makes minimally invasive surgery possible, effectively reducing the damage to soft tissue

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The distal tibia locking plate is made by titanium, and have left and right design. Anatomical the distal tibia locking plate and 20° bend is contoured to match the natural anatomy of the distal tibia.


Low-density screws and long plates Elastic fixation stimulates the rapid formation of callus and is also helpful for rapid fracture healing.

The locking screw has strong tensile force and anchoring force, and the screw head is locked in the threaded hole of the bone plate to form an integrated fixed plate structure, which can avoid pull-out and loosening, reduce the loss of fracture reduction, and improve the overall stability.

The LCP distal tibia locking Plate come in many sizes, combi holes in the shaft, and locking screw holes in the head. Nine distal locking holes accept 3.5mm cortical and 3.5mm locking screws, distal locking hole is parallel to the joint board .4 to 14 combined locking/compression holes in shaft aids in initial plate positioning.



1. Combi hole allows the surgeon to choose between conventional plating techniques, locked plating techniques, or a combination of both

2. Threaded hole section for locking screws provides ability to create fixed-angle constructs

3. Smooth dynamic compression unit (DCU) hole section for standard screws allows for Load (compression) and neutral screw positions

Limited-contact plate design reduces plate-to-bone contact, thus limiting vascular trauma

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Distal Tibia Locking Plate


5 holes Left&Right

7 holes Left&Right

9 holes Left&Right

11 holes Left&Right

13 holes Left&Right


Pure Titanium (TC4)

Related screw:

3.5mm Locking screw /3.5mm Cortical screw

Surface Finished:

Oxidation/Milling for Titanium


Customized service is available


distal tibia fracture fixation




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