XC Medico® Distal Fibula Locking Plate

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The XC Medico® distal fibula locking plate have titanium and stainless steel two options.

This distal fibula locking plate is the most commonly anatomical plate used by surgeons when surgically treating lateral malleolus fractures

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The distal fibula locking plate is contoured to match the natural anatomy of the distal fibula which can effectively reduce damage and irritation to soft tissue.

After reduction of the fracture in the operating room, the distal fibula locking plate is attached to the outer surface of the fibula and screwed to the bone. The plate helps maintain anatomic reduction of the fracture to allow the body to heal the bone over time. Their low-profile construction minimizes soft tissue irritation but is strong enough to stabilize fractures.

Distal Fibular Locking Plate

The distal fibula locking plate is available of titanium material(TC4, pure titanium). The LCP distal fibula locking plate head have 4 round threaded locking holes, it’s accept 3.5mm locking screw and cortical screws. The low profile design effectively reduce the damage to soft tissue, promote bone recovery rapidly.

The plate shaft have range of 3-8 LCP holes to meet different length broken bone fixation, the combi holes with locking and compression design, can accept 3.5mm locking screws and 3.5 cortical screws. Hole in shaft aids in initial plate positioning.

The fracture of the LCP system:

1. Combi hole allows the surgeon to choose between conventional plating techniques, locked plating techniques, or a combination of both

2. Threaded hole section for locking screws provides ability to create fixed-angle constructs

3. Smooth dynamic compression unit (DCU) hole section for standard screws allows for Load (compression) and neutral screw positions

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Distal Fibula Locking Plate


3 holes Left&Right

4 holes Left&Right

5 holes Left&Right

6 holes Left&Right

7 holes Left&Right

8 holes Left&Right


Pure Titanium (TC4)

Related screw:

3.5mm Locking screw /3.5mm Cortical screw

Surface Finished:

Oxidation/Milling for Titanium


Customized service is available


distal fibula fracture fixation



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